Best Sleep, ‘Badminton twin prodigies’ Kim Min-ji and Kim Min-sun selected as models

Best Sleep announced that it had selected ‘Shuttlecock Twins’ Kim Min-ji and Kim Min-sun as their brand models.

Kim Min-ji and Kim Min-seon, who are regarded as the future of badminton in Korea, are attracting attention by conquering the female high school stage after 5 months of entering high school, including the ‘2022 National Badminton Championships’ and a record of 18 wins in doubles at the national competition.

In particular, the two players, who were introduced as ‘twin badminton prodigies’ by SBS ‘Gifted and Talented Exploration Team’ in their 6th grade of elementary school, are emerging as next-generation sports stars by winning the Dream Tree Award at the ’32nd Korea Women’s Sports Awards’. Seo Jin-won, who recognized the skills of the two players, Best Sleep CEO Seo Jin-won spared no support, such as proposing a brand advertisement model and providing a mattress to improve performance.

The company explained that the Best Sleep Duo series is a model optimized for twin players as it provides a comfortable cushion feeling that best suits each person by reflecting each other’s different sleeping styles and tastes, even if two people share the same mattress.

Seo Jin-won, CEO of Best Sleep, said, “Sleep is a matter directly related to the quality of performance for athletes, so we manufacture and support customized mattresses so that sports stars who are active as our models can have a good night’s sleep.” We plan to discover and actively support and promote the brand together.”

Meanwhile, Best Sleep is a specialized mattress manufacturing company that has studied Koreans’ sleep and is operating experience centers in 33 regions nationwide, including Seoul, Busan, Daegu, and Gwangju. /Reporter Jeong Eui-jun



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