Berlin, man with bow and arrow makes target practice with the window in front of Friedrichshain. Arrested

A man, shooting with a bow from his balcony in Friedrichshain, made an attempt on the life of a neighbour. The police immediately arrested the archer

A man with a bow shot a arrow from his balcony in Berlin’s Friedrichshain district, pointing to the office window opposite. Police officers stated that when the 49 year old office owner left the building Wednesday afternoon, the archer then attempted another shot in his direction.

The bomber’s target was unharmed

A task force speciale (SEK) Police arrived in Simplonstrasse and has arrested the suspected shooter in his apartment. The owner of the office was not injured, according to police. The first arrow hit the office window frame, the second got caught in the branches.

Police are currently investigating the reason that he would push for which the man pointed to the office. The 40-year-old is now accused of attempted grievous bodily harm. As the police further announced, there is also a summons against him due to an unpaid fine.

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Cover image: from Pixabay



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