Before the Australian Open: Great concern for the tennis star

Mystery about former number one

Great concern for tennis star: Nobody can find Naomi Osaka

Is currently untraceable: Naomi Osaka

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Shortly before the start of the Australian Open on January 16, the tennis world is puzzled: where is Naomi Osaka? The organizers of the first Grand Slam tournament of the year simply cannot track down the 25-year-old Japanese. Your participation in the spectacle Down under remains open. Where she is remains a mystery.

Break due to depression

Shortly before Christmas, she posted a picture on Instagram showing her with American rapper Cordae in Paris. She was last seen on the pitch in September 2022 in Tokyo. Osaka had to stop their match because of abdominal pain.

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According to Australian media, the organizers have apparently come to terms with the event taking place without the former world number one.

After the French Open 2021, Osaka took a health break from tennis. The reason: she suffered from depression.

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Nothing is known about her current state of health – and unfortunately not about her whereabouts either. (mli)



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