BBL: Hamburg Towers fire coach Raoul Korner – basketball

Raoul Korner (48) has been a basketball coach for 23 years. During that time, the Viennese had never been fired. Now it happened. After the bloodless 65:80 of the Towers against Ulm, the Hamburger Korner (contract until 2024) threw out after only 21 games in the evening.

His successor is his previous assistant Benka Barloschky (35). Stefan Grasseger (33) remains “Co”. Youth coordinator Fabian Villmeter (42) will also join the coaching staff.

“The way the team presented itself made it clear that we must act now,” said Towers boss Marvin Willoughby (44). “We have come to the conclusion that Raoul is no longer reaching the team in the way that would be necessary in our current situation. We urgently need a new impetus.”

Hamburg are currently in eleventh place after six wins and eight defeats.

But Willoughby himself is also responsible for the crisis. He put the team together with Korner in the summer. So far, no newcomer has been able to fully convince. In addition, the squad with only ten first division professionals is too thin for the double burden.


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Source: BILD, Youtube

Before the turn of the year, Barloschky (in the club since 2015) represented Korner, who was suffering from the flu at the time, against Oldenburg (95:96) and Würzburg (96:73). The team seemed transformed. Was not hidden from Willoughby…

On Wednesday, Barloschky, who was born in Bremen, makes his debut as official boss in the EuroCup against Podgorica (7.30 p.m., Magenta Sport).

A huge task: Center Yoeli Childs (24/thigh) still needs time. Jonas Wohlfarth-Bottermann (32/strain) and Kendale McCullum (26/hit on the thigh) were also injured against Ulm. And Captain Seth Hinrichs (29) is missing for personal reasons.



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