Bayern vs Cologne 1:1! Kimmich brakes Baumgart’s belly party! | Sports

Von: Heiko Niedderer, Nico Linner, Tobias Altschäffl, Ulrich Bauer and Max Schrader

Neuer injury, goalkeeping coach kicked out and now things are only going moderately on the pitch.

Bayern don’t win again! After the 1:1 in Leipzig they tremble against strong Cologne in the last second to 1:1!

At Cologne surprise Gnabry punished by Nagelsmann!

Completely different worlds on the sidelines: while Bayern coach Julian Nagelsmann (35) freezes in a thick winter jacket at 1 degree, Steffen Baumgart (51) undresses!

The Cologne coach starts the game in a hoodie. After a short time, however, the fabric flies and Baumgart changes to the polo shirt. He even shows his stomach. Before that he had always lost in Munich in five attempts.

Nevertheless, he had a good gut feeling!

4. Minute: Gnabry fritters the ball away to a corner. Kainz brings it in, Chabot extends it and Skhiri is completely blank at the second post after Davies’ mistake. He just has to push in. 1:0!

The scorer almost didn’t play at all. It was not until midday that he gave the go-ahead despite ankle injury problems.

Bayern is playing worse than it has in a long time. Almost nothing goes forward, the defense wobbles properly at the back. Cologne therefore has several chances to make it 2-0.

Spicy: Serge Gnabry (27), who ran for Gucci at Paris Fashion Week on a Sunday off, shows a terrible performance. Nagelsmann had counted him out in advance. As a result, Gucci-Gnabry has to go out for the break.

After that it gets better, but the goal doesn’t come. It only gets better with Müller. The Bayern star is surprisingly only on the bench for the second time in a row. That was last in 2019.

In the 90th minute the goal falls! Kimmich pulls from 25 meters and hits the ball in the corner!

After that, Coman even has a chance to make it 2-1. After the 1-1 draw in Leipzig, Bayern are still waiting for a win. And on Saturday it’s against Frankfurt…

Cologne, on the other hand, has the upper hand after the 7-1 win against Bremen and the point in Munich.



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