Bayern coach Nagelsmann rebukes Jamal Musiala

A lot of unrest around FC Bayern and the next setback against 1. FC Köln.

After the 1-1 draw against RB Leipzig to restart the Bundesliga, the Munich team also came against them billy goats not more than a draw (1:1) and found clear words.

Captain Joshua Kimmich clearly addressed the team’s attitude problems, coach Julian Nagelsmann reprimanded super talent Jamal Musiala. (DATA: Bundesliga schedule)

“We have a thousand percent chance with Jamal, where we simply have to be clearer in a situation like this. Finish more clearly,” the coach demanded Sat1 faced with a scene in the second half when Musiala took a shot too many from a good shooting position. (NEWS: All current information about the Bundesliga)

SPORTS1 joins the voices Sky, Sat1press conference and in the mixed zone together:

Julian Nagelsmann (FC Bayern coach): “We played an outstanding second half, but not a good first. We missed the lucky punch, we used to. We have a 1000 percent chance with Jamal, where we simply have to be clearer in a situation like this. Finish clearer. Then we equalize early on and then Cologne also have big problems.”

… to replace Leon Goreztka: “We also had to change because Leon got a hit on the head and was a bit dizzy.” (DATA: Bundesliga results)

Gnabry brushed off by Salihamidzic

… on Serge Gnabry’s trip to Paris: “Now I’m not one to rate these tabloid issues very much. I evaluate what I see on the field and I evaluate what I have on the bench for outstanding players. I had the feeling that we needed a breath of fresh air, also because of the changed basic structure at Cologne. Because the distances for the outside players were a little wider. That’s why we switched, it had nothing to do with everything else. I evaluate what I see and then try to make the right decision.”

Hasan Salihamidzic (Sports Director FC Bayern): That’s amateurish, that doesn’t suit Bayern Munich! On a day off, it’s about resting and not gymnastics anywhere. We will talk about that.”

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Yann Sommer on Manuel Neuer: “See us every day”

Yann Sommer (goalkeeper FC Bayern) in the mixed zone SPORTS1: “Obviously, we didn’t do well in the first half. Too unclean in many situations. We didn’t get into the rooms that we needed. to then develop a lot of power forward. And then it was easier for the opponent again, they could close again, they could stand as well. Second half was much, much better. We had a lot of power going forward, we created good chances, scored a nice goal, but unfortunately maybe a bit too late.”

… about the goal conceded: “We knew that Cologne are very strong with set pieces, especially with corners. We didn’t manage well to defend the first goal well.”

… about his arrival: “It was all very new to me anyway, very wild. The first days, with the first game directly. I have to settle down a bit now. Of course we’ll take the point, Kimmich’s goal is very important for us to be able to go home with this point. And then we will prepare for the important game against Frankfurt.”

… about Manuel Neuer: “Yes, we see each other almost every day. He’s doing rehab on Säbener Straße. We keep in touch and actually see each other every day.”

Kimmich scolds: “Attitude and sharpness were missing”

Joshua Kimmich (FC Bayern captain): “The second half was a bit better, the first half – we certainly need to talk about that in terms of approach, in terms of our willingness, our attitude. We conceded a goal again from a set piece, we got that a couple of times in the preliminary round. We have to stop that as soon as possible, we were significantly better in the previous season.”

… whether he practices general criticism: “What is general criticism? In the end it’s relatively easy to change, it’s not a matter of tactics or technique or fitness, it’s just readiness. I expect that we will get that changed relatively quickly. The setting and the sharpness were missing. It’s an attitude thing. We have to be more grippy and greedy again. Last year it was a completely different self-image.”

… about his goal: “I thought we played around a lot before that, let’s try it.” (DATA: The table of the Bundesliga)



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