BASKETBALL – WORLD EVENTS – The FMBB seeks state support

At least five major world meetings. The Malagasy Basketball Federation (Fmbb) under the leadership of its president Jean Michel Ramaroson in the presence of all the existing leagues in the country held its Ordinary General Assembly on Saturday at the Soanierana Mess Circle.
Several points were elucidated and discussed. The moral, technical and financial reports presented by the management team of the FMBB received the approval of the 22 regional leagues with one hundred percent discharge with the presence of representatives of the Ministry of Youth and Sports (MJS) and the Malagasy Olympic Committee. This shows the stability of Malagasy basketball and especially the management method convinces everyone.
The president of the Fmbb Jean Michel Ramaroson explained that “the year 2022 was marked by the double qualification of two national teams Ankoay U18 boys and the 3×3 senior men in the world cup. The 3×3 senior ladies are in search of their qualification for the world cup through a qualifying tournament which will be played in Israel in a few months. All these trips abroad for the three national teams will generate heavy costs for the Fmbb. Thus, we are asking for the help of the State to get more involved because it is the honor of the country that is at stake”.
And Jean Michel Ramaroson to continue: “2023 is a very busy year for the Fmbb. At least five major world events await Malagasy basketball. Apart from the world cups, Malagasy women’s basketball will take part in the game of the Francophonie of the DRC, there will be the Afrocan, the African games and the JIOI of 2023. The various national championships are not left out because if the Malagasy basketball is in the place it is now, thanks to the work of all the leagues and the level of the various championships that are played across Madagascar”.


As the 2023 JIOI deadline approaches, D-206, the president of the Fmbb Jean Michel Ramaroson does not hide his doubts. He said that “the situation is worrying because normally the regroupings were to start in January, the month is coming to an end and nothing concrete has been tied up. The neighboring islands are not minimizing their preparations and the State must assume its responsibilities. Receiving and hosting island games requires some serious planning. The work must continue unceasingly, without relaxation and without interruption”.
For the preparation of the national teams for the world cup, the president of the Fmbb did not hide that the level at the world cup is very high. “Players will need to make the most of these events that don’t happen every day. The young Ankoay U18s have already made their first grouping in December and this will continue. For the JIOI, a team from Mayotte will come to Madagascar from February 2 to 16 for the preparation of the JIOI and Mayotte is not to be underestimated”, he concludes.
For the national championships, new formulas are being studied for the N1A and we are going to apply them in order to raise the level of Malagasy basketball a little more because Malagasy basketball is already in a good orbit on the continent. The objective is to always remain at the forefront of the stage in Africa. A large gathering of age categories U12, U14 and U16 will be on the program in Antananarivo this year.



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