Basketball: The expensive celebration of Joel Embiid

It was during the match between the Philadelphia 76ers and the Brooklyn Nets that Joel Embiid was talked about. Indeed, the Cameroonian player celebrated one of his baskets by mimicking an X with his arms (see video below). This celebration is a reference to former American wrestler Triple H, a former member of the D-Generation-X clan. A mimicry that greatly displeased the NBA, which announced Friday that a fine of 25,000 dollars would be imposed on it.

According to the American championship, the celebration of the center of the Sixers represents an “obscene gesture”. Particularly strict on the behavior of its athletes, the NBA also fined Stephen Curry $ 25,000 for throwing his mouth guard in the direction of spectators. His gesture had also cost him an expulsion.

The celebration of Joel Embiid had in particular challenged the Nets player Kevin Durant, who reacted on Twitter at the end of the game with the words “trash celebration” (trash celebration). Joel Embiid responded directly by sharing a personalized video referring to Triple H. Enough to maintain a great rivalry between two players who have already exchanged a few flowery words in the past.

Joel Embiid is having a very high level season, appearing as one of the best players in the NBA with an average of 33.4 points per game.



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