Basketball: Gaels emerge victorious from the double clash of titans against the Gee-Gees

In women, the Gaels players were ranked 1eras in the country, while those of the Gee-Gees were pointing their noses at 4e rank in the Canadian university sports rankings, before facing each other for the first time this season.

The two formations had only one setback to their record before this clash of titans. That of the representatives of Queen’s University came just Friday night, a crushing loss of 64 to 32 against the Ravens of Carleton University.

The visitors were clearly motivated to rebound, as they began their duel against the Ottawans in lionesses to take the lead 24 to 12 after the 1st quarter. The Gaels never looked back to finally win 70-58.

In general, I’m happy with our performance, but I think it’s on the constant small mistakes that we make that we have to improvesaid Gee-Gees head coach Rose-Anne Joly after the game.

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The Queen’s Gaels confirmed their status as the top women’s basketball team in Canada on Sunday night.

Photo: Courtesy of the Gee-Gees of the University of Ottawa

His team, usually known for its defensive efficiency, had never allowed so many points in one game this season. A 26% shooting percentage did nothing to help the Gee-Gees’ cause, but part of the reason is the absence of one of Ottawa’s best players, power forward Brigitte Lefebvre-Okankwu, injured.

« In practice, it will be necessary to work on understanding where to go on the offensive side. We don’t know if Brigitte will be back next week, so we have to make sure we can play without her. »

A quote from Rose-Anne Joly, head coach of the University of Ottawa Gee-Gees in women’s basketball

It was a roller coaster. We let them score in transition when we are supposed to have the best defensive transition in the country. Brigitte is more athletic, she usually gives us thatdeplores Joly.

Tough night for the Gee-Gees

The men’s duel also featured two big names in Canadian college basketball. In their case, the ranking was reversed: the Gee-Gees were considered the best team in the country while the Gaels occupied 4e rung.

The final score, however, indicates a completely different reality, since the visitors managed to imitate their female counterparts by going for a gain of 76 to 62.

I thought we were pretty prepared, but we weren’t. The effort was good, but the execution was not. We’ve been constantly caught on our heelssighs the head coach of the University of Ottawa, James Derouin.

The Gee-Gees thus suffered their 3rd defeat of this campaign, they who had not yet lost by more than 4 points since the beginning of the season.

% of our three-point shots against Toronto and only hit 20% tonight”,”text”:”I’ve never seen such an inconsistent team offensively. We can’t convert 50% of our three-point shots against Toronto and only shoot 20% tonight”}}”>I have never seen a team so inconsistent offensively. We can’t convert 50% of our three-point shots against Toronto and only shoot 20% tonightcontinues Derouin.

The head coach assures that he will go back to the drawing board to try to determine what went wrong. The result against Queen’s University only confirmed his feeling that there has never been so much parity across the league. James Derouin is also very eager for the start of the playoffs.

I’m not ready to say it’s the best team I’ve coached, but it might be my best opportunity to win a national championship. All good programs agree, because the competition is wide open and it’s exciting.he confides.

« We could play at home against a difficult opponent for our style of play or we could be on the road against a team with characteristics that are favorable to us. »

A quote from James Derouin, head coach of the University of Ottawa Gee-Gees in men’s basketball

Both Gee-Gees teams will be back in action on Friday in the Capital Classic against the Carleton University Ravens. TD Place will host the new chapter of this rivalry, which once again promises to offer a high level spectacle.



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