Basketball. After Boulazac – Saint-Quentin: “we were hard, intense”, appreciates Alexandre Ménard

“We have a feeling of power when we play like that but I think we haven’t seen the real Saint-Quentin. They were in an evening without so I want to temper the enthusiasm. The credit goes to the players, we made adaptations quickly. We have worn them out over time. To hold them to 19 points in the second half is remarkable. I remain humble even if it is a very good victory. We had worked on losing few balls, I’m happy that we only lost 10. I want my team to continue to progress, we must hate defeat. We were hard, intense, we played with 10, it’s very important. That’s how this team can keep winning. In attitude and intensity, it’s one of the best matches of the season. In construction, we can always do better, we stammered at the start. For the point average, it is important, of course. But this is not enough. »

Olivier Cortale (Boulazac interior)

“We were all very focused on this game. We knew its possible impact. I was looking forward to it, I couldn’t take a nap. We were ready for battle. When we develop this game of defensive stops, we simply roll out. At the beginning, we played handball taking only three-point shots. When we were aggressive inside, we picked up the pace. A victory like that is great, it’s not just luck, the credit is ours. Finishing the go phase with a performance like that should put us in commando mode. »

Julien Mahé (trainer of Saint-Quentin)



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