Basketball A2: San Giobbe Chiusi lasts only a quarter, Rimini wins 84-58

Without Martini (ankle injury to be evaluated) and with Donzelli and Possamai still in the pits, the positive streak of San Giobbe ends at two, heavily beaten in Rimini for 84-58. Start with Romagna colors, then Tuscan turnaround and overtaking close to the end of the first tempono. It will be the first and only jolt of the Umana, who sees the locals first raise their arrow and then flee from the third quarter onwards.

Without Martini, out due to an ankle problem still to be evaluated and with Donzelli and Possamai on the scoresheet but struggling with recovery from muscle injuries at the beginning of the calendar year, even shorter rotations for San Giobbe al Flaminio in Rimini. Medford’s first basket, then it’s Tassinari from three to give the Romagna side the lead. Bolpin makes two out of two on free throws, but Ogbeide replies with the 5-4. Rimini plus three with Johnson’s placement, then a triple from Bolpin for seven. The landlords extend with six close points from Ogebeide, Porfilio blocks from beyond the arc, but Rimini is there and with Masciadri sends the Tuscans back six down in the middle of the tempo. 16-12 with two free throws from Medford, then a triple from Johnson and support from Bedetti: Bassi calls time on 21-12. On the return two out of two by Raucci and a basket by Candotto to break Rimini’s partial, Johnson is not there and brings his forwards back by seven lengths close to the end of the period. All in the San Giobbe-tinged final: with Bozzetto’s triple, Raffaelli’s three-pointer and Porfilio’s two free throws, the score is overturned and Chiusi goes ahead 23-24. Triple by Landi for the new advantage of the Romagna players at the beginning of the second quarter, equal to twenty-six with Raffaelli’s trip to the line. Meluzzi to free and Anumba from under the iron sign the 30-26. Many shooting mistakes for San Giobbe, Johnson takes advantage of it with a triple from him: 33-26 and Bassi time out. Raucci in support is worth the minus five in the middle of the period. Stretch Johnson again from a distance, Medford replies with the same weapon. Two more points for the Arizona native, but Landi makes three out of three on free throws, bringing his lead 39-33. Utomi breaks the curse with a three-point shot, Landi responds immediately and the gap doesn’t change. Last action Chiusi who only finds the iron with Medford: first half in archive 42-36. Immediately Ogbeide from under the retina, replies Bozzetto well served by Medford. Again Ogbeide for the new Rimini extension. Tampona Utomi, but Johnson is deadly from beyond the arc. Bozzetto keeps the San Giobbe afloat but needs a jolt. Rimini finds it with a triple from Anumba and Bassi calls time at 52-42. Plus fifteen RBR with five close points from Masciadri and inertia all on the side of the Romagna side. Only a point on free throws for Raucci and Chiusi down sixteen lengths with two minutes left in the period. Candotto corrects a mistake made by Bozzetto for the Tuscans’ attempted recovery, but Anumba’s crush galvanizes Rimini and the whole palace. Triple by Bolpin, but the last flicker is by Anumba and the quarter ends 63-48. Bolpin from under the iron opens his temple, Meluzzi responds in penetration and Scarponi extends further. Utomi from two but the climb is very steep and the percentages don’t help. Rimini on a solitary run with Scarponi’s four-man game. Bozzetto goes up in double figures, but it’s already late at night in the middle of the fourth quarter. The last few minutes are only for stats and home crowd choreography. Rimini wins 84-58 largely overturns the difference between baskets and reaches eighteen in the standings with San Giobbe still at fourteen.

Rivierabanca Basket Rimini – Umana San Giobbe Closed 84-58 (23-24; 19-12; 21-12; 21-10)

Rimini Tassinari 3, Anumba 9, Meluzzi 6, Scarponi 6, Masciadri 8, D’Almeida 2, Bedetti 2, Sirri, Johnson 16, Morandotti 2, Ogbeide 16, Landi 14 Capo All. Ferrari, First Ass. Zambelli

Closed Utomi 10, Candotto 5, Medford 8, Bolpin 10, Braccagni, Porfilio 5, Donzelli, Bozzetto 10, Raucci 5, Raffaelli 5, Possamai Chief All. Bassi, First Ass. Piersante, Second Ass. Civinini

Referees Ursi, Pecorella, Mottola



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