Barca girls eliminated after 9-0 win

The dumpling.

Women’s Barça, broad leader of the Spanish championship, will be eliminated from the Queen’s Cup. At least that’s what the Spanish TV show The beach bar said Monday night. On January 10, in the round of 16 of the Queen’s Cup, women’s Barça stuck a 9-0 to Osasuna (D2) on their lawn. The vice-champions of Europe will be eliminated from the competition. The fault is the presence on the field of their striker Geyse Ferreira, expelled in the Queen’s Cup last season with his former club Madrid CF. Sevilla FC (1-0 winner of Villarreal) is in the same situation, after fielding midfielder Nagore Calderón, expelled in the quarter-finals last season. Barca filed an appeal to avoid elimination. The specific rules of the competition are however clear: “When a competition has ended and the club in question has been eliminated without the sanction having been served, the sanction will apply in the following season. Regardless of a change of club or division of the suspended player. »

When you are told to read the small clauses written in lowercase on the back of your contracts…



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