Badminton – Nationale 3. Alençon provides the essentials and takes the lead halfway through

Louis-Théo Hamard and Lison Mesnil-Perret provided the last winning point for Alençon in the league encounter against Saint-Avertin. ©L’Orne Hebdo

The Alencon badminton club (CAB 61) found its way back to the championship. Captain Yann Lemesle’s team received Saint AvertinSaturday, January 7.

Mid-season leader

Favorites of the meeting, the Ornais met expectations (6-2). A success that allows them to keep their leadership chair at the end of the first phase. And to be on time for the “play-offs” objective, a necessary step to consider the rise in National 2.

If in previous seasons, the Covid pandemic or the Dives team had come to break the strings of the Alencon rackets, this season may be the right one.

Yann Lemesle does not even regret the absence of the offensive bonus point against the opponent of the day.

On a sporting level, it would have been good. You can’t be in good shape all the time. We must make do. We are always first, that’s the main thing!

Yann Lemesle, captain of CAB 61

Same story for his player, Charlotte Linero : “The 8-0 would have allowed us to take a much better lead over Argentan, but we will stay ahead to consider the climb. It allows us to have the margin and less pressure on the return matches. »

Towards a duel Alençon vs Argentan?

The Alençonnaise played and won with a victory in singles and another in doubles.

I had very good feelings on my single. It was a cover. In the double, I did not feel inside.

Charlotte Linero, CAB 61 player

In the match between Argentan and Maromme, the two direct competitors of CAB, it was the neighbors of Bayard who won. Thus, the Orne monopolizes the first two places.

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“We will have to go win or draw there”, launches the Alencon captain.

Who from Argentan or Alençon will be the most balanced formation for the play-offs? The two teams will face off on Saturday, February 25, at Argentan.

Alencon – Saint-Avertin: 6-2

Senior Men 1. Tom Germain (N1, CAB) defeats Erwan Perroit (N3, SAS), 21-11, 21-14.

Senior men 2. Romain Meclot (N3, SAS) beats Théo Gallou (N3, CAB), 18-21, 21-9, 16-21.

Senior Ladies 1. Charlotte Linero (N2, CAB) beats Eve Breton (R6, SAS), 21-9, 21-9.

Senior Ladies 2. Lyse Gagliardi (N3, CAB) beats Zoé Gandon (R6, SAS), 21-12, 21-13.

Men’s Doubles 1. Tom Germain (N1, CAB) and Louis-Théo Hamard (N3, CAB) beat Noé Marin (R4, SAS) and Romain Meclot (R4, SAS), 21-10, 21-18.

Women’s doubles 1. Lyse Gagliardi (N2, CAB) and Charlotte Linero (N2, CAB) beat Eve Breton (R6, SAS) and Anasthasia Caillaud (R5, SAS), 21-15, 21-18.

Mixed doubles 1. Noé Marin (R4, SAS) and Zoé Gandon (R6, SAS) beat Théo Gallou (N3, CAB) and Audrey Lecavelier (N3, CAB), 21-18 and 26-24.

Mixed doubles 2. Louis-Théo Hamard (N3, CAB) and Lison Mesnil-Perret (N3, CAB) beat Erwan Perroit (R5, SAS) and Anasthasia Caillaud (R5, SAS), 21-8, 21-6.

Next match: Lillebonne – Alençon, Saturday January 28, 4 p.m.

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