Badminton Huesca La Magia faces an intense weekend in Seville, Huelva and Sweden | Sports


This weekend the National Badminton League begins, which this year has divided the competition into Gold, Silver and Bronze, and which is played by the league system. The Huesca club presents a set in Silver and another in Bronze that travel to Seville and Huelva, respectively.

In addition, the young players Alejandro Gállego, Gonzalo Isábal and Raúl Bergua have traveled to Sweden with Ricardo Constante to participate in the Under-17 International that is held in Upsala, some 78 kilometers from Stockholm. Alejandro Yagües could not be there due to injury. All of them have traveled with the aim of being able to have a good tournament and continue with the great progress they have been making and without going any further, last weekend Gonzalo Isábal won the Master N3 in the sub17 category in Vigo, both individually and in double.

In Seville, the Huesca La Magia A team plays against La Nucia and Guadalajara on Saturday at 11 and 16:15. The team has the significant loss of José Manuel Plaza and has moved with Gonzalo Juste, Marina Solano, Judith Botaya and Yeray Carretero and Cristina Roig who are new additions, all of them directed by Roberto González.

The Huesca La Magia B team, which plays in Huelva, will face Jorge Guillén, Plencia and Ronda, at 11, 16:15 and on Sunday at 10:00, respectively, to complete this first day which is attended with David Garzo Adrián Escuer, Mariano Banzo, Inés Acín Julia Pomar, Andrea Mingarro and the novelty of Inés Miguelez with Aitana Diez and Juanjo Fondevila leading the expedition.

The team season began last weekend with the participation of the teams El Alcanadre, Subordán and Guatizalema in the Catalan League.



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