Badminton has its state champions – La Voz de la Frontera

The representation of Baja California was defined this past weekend for the discipline of badmintonabout 28 athletes competed to determine the champions who will participate in the following competitions for the Nationals 2023.

Tijuana sent 16 players to compete, while Ensenada had 12 athletes, the final result of the contests left 18 winners of the different tests, these champions will have to work to continue in the next stage that will be the Regional.

Jonathan Morales, current coach of INDE BC, recognized the quality of the children and young athletes during the weekend’s competition, also pointing out that this was the first time that said qualifiers took place in a single day.

The main objective is the good participation and delivery of positive results for the CONADE 2023 Nationals, therefore, the INDE team hopes to have athletes with greater background such as: Camila Morales, Mariana Quezada, Gael Velázquez and Edgar Urías.


During the development of the State CONADE 2023, the opportunity was presented for prospective children to have activity, with the intention of taking them through the appropriate process and that it serves as an experience to turn them into the next talents of the state 29 in this discipline. Badminton will be headquartered in Morelos, this year at the CONADE Nationals.


In the women’s under-19 category, Paola López from Tijuana took first place, Mariana Quezada from the port of Ensenada with second position and Arely Guzmán, also from Tijuana, with third place. While in the sub-17, Camila Morales and Grecia Castañeda obtained the first places.

In the men’s branch, Gael Velázquez (1), Luis Quezada (2), Carlos Cázares (3) and Gabriel Liera (4) were the winners in their respective competitions.


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