It’s the first consecutive victory with the same card this season! B1 Sendai 89ERS defeated Shiga Lakes 81-64 to win three straight games. In the 3rd quarter (Q), which was 37-36, they grabbed the initiative by scoring 15 points in a row in 3 and a half minutes from the start. Yuta Kobayashi (31) won MVP with 14 points and 5 assists. He showed his growth in his old home, Shiga.

    ◇    ◇    ◇

This is the first home win in a row with everyone’s desire to win. As 3,913 boosters filled the Xebio Arena Sendai watching, Kobayashi raised his right hand and said, “This is the best!” In the game, Justin Burrell (34), Nathan Booth (28) and Bailey Steele (25) had a total of 37 rebounds. The number of rebounds is overwhelming with Sendai “44” against Shiga “26”. There were many scenes where Japanese players used chances created by foreign players to score. During the period when Shiga’s momentum increased, the players who came in as substitutes held on with a solid defence.

Honest for the seventh time. So far, they have won the first game and lost the second game six times. Head Coach Hiroki Fujita (HC = 36) said, “When things were bad, I kept losing matches that I could have won. Everyone understood the importance of the second game. “This time, I felt the atmosphere from the players, “I can’t lose,” said HC Fujita. He remarked on the same-card winning streak that he finally got to enjoy, saying, “I’ve finally been able to win consecutively at home, and I’ve finally been able to win with the same card.

Winning the “big game of the season” that HC Fujita and other players all say, 3 wins and 1 loss in 4 games in the second half. Kobayashi said, “9 consecutive losses were really painful, and we couldn’t see the light easily. These 3 consecutive wins will give us confidence.” Sendai, who have regained their confidence with the hope of escaping the relegation battle, will aim higher from here.[Hamamoto Kamui]