Avatar 2: these new images of the underwater filming are very impressive

Despite the 13 years that separate the release ofAvatar et Avatar: The Waterway, the success is indisputably there for the new baby of James Cameron. Since its theatrical release in December 2022, the film has almost reached the $2 billion mark in global box office receipts and is attracting curiosity about its already announced sequels for 20242026 et 2028. For their part, the cast of the film, Jon Landau (producer of the saga), James Cameron and the rest of the production fuel this curiosity and expectation through interviews, statements and the publication of making-of. After various videos revealing in particular behind the scenes of Sigourney Weaver’s performance, it is therefore the turn of the scenes shot under water to reveal her secrets in an impressive video.

Underwater performances in the spotlight

If the amazing technique ofAvatar: The Waterway as well as its visual quality are undeniable, the performance of its actors is just as amazing. Indeed, while we already knew that some had notably had to learn archery or parkour for the purposes of filming, this making-of unveiled in January allows us to observe the actors in full underwater performance. Under the explanations of Garrett Warren, 2nd unit director / stunt coordinator, or Steve Brown, assistant stunt coordinator, we learn in particular that the actors had to learn to play underwater while holding their breaths, a performance made possible thanks to apnea training practiced before filming.

The process of creating the final aquatic battle between Jack Sully and Colonel Quaritch, filmed directly underwater, is also revealed for a few seconds. Beyond the performances, this making-of reflects the will of James Cameron to offer a film that looks as real as possible despite being shot entirely in the studio. A paying choice which probably explains the long wait before its release.



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