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BeInCrypto – The Australian Open, AO for its acronym in English, announced that it will release more NFT of the tournament. The promoters of the initiative consider it a long-term bet. In previous editions of the Grand Slam, one of the most important tennis championships on the calendar, 6,776 old tennis balls were sold as NFTs. This year in the AO there are 2,454 more NFTs than last year.

Ridley Plummer, director de Metaverse, NFTs, Web3 and cryptocurrencies from Tennis Australiastated that the organization is not concerned about short-term changes in the market.

“We shouldn’t drop our tools and walk away because of market challenges. There are many external factors that come into play when exploring new technology like Web3 and NFT, and when you are an innovative company like Tennis Australia and AO there are also challenges and rewards that come with it.”

Unlike most other NFTs, the Artball program is like a ticket to the Australian Open. Tennis Australia manages a Discord server for its members to learn how to join NFTs. Also, they have a rewards program for NFT owners, which gives them benefits such as access to VIP areas to watch the tournament with greater privacy.

From the organization they affirm that having Australian Open NFT It’s like being a frequent flyer to or on an airline. Individuals who purchase non-fungible tokens (NFTs) from the tournament will be at the same level as frequent executive travelers.

Adam De Cata, CEO of NFT Techhighlighted the innovative aspect of the project.

“Last year we set a new precedent at the intersection of technology, art, tennis and live data. This year we are breaking new ground by offering all members new benefits and a deeper experience in perpetuity for all future AO tournaments. We are pleased to offer our AO22 fans a unique opportunity to join the waiting list and secure their ArtBalls.”

Benefits for AO 2024

New for this year are Match Point Equivalent Tickets. Any AO ArtBall to get a Match Point on the AO23 courts, you will be able to claim two tickets for the equivalent match in AO24. That is, if an AO ArtBall scores the match point of the men’s or women’s singles final, AO23 member ArtBall get two complimentary tickets to the men’s or women’s singles final at AO24respectively.

Besides, he ArtBall is updated in near real time to highlight match information. It also provides a 3D visualization of the Match Point and attaches a holographic sticker to the ball’s casing that shows its character. ArtBall of Match Point.

AO ArtBall It is presented as a space that combines sport and innovation. The platform offers a membership that can be accessed through AO ArtBall. It consists of a collection of 6,776 NFTs from the ’22 collection and 2,454 NFTs from the ’23 collection (a total of 9,230 ’23 court plots). It provides holders with an unprecedented level of tickets to top-tier tennis, sports and entertainment events as well as unique rewards from top Web3 projects. This encompasses both the real world and the virtual world..

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