Australian Open prize money: how much money does the champion get

On January 16 began the australian open, the first Grand Slam of the year. This competition will be held until January 29 in Melbourne and will have a record number of prizes.

The 2023 edition of the tournament will offer a little more than 53 million euros in prizes. “We’ve raised the prize pool for each round, from the qualifiers to the finals, with a bigger increase in the early rounds, where this reward helps players invest in their own careers and, in many cases, allows them to be successful. throughout the year,” said Craig Tiley, the tournament director.

This amount represents an increase of 3.4% compared to the 2022 edition and confirms the trend of the last 20 years in which the contest prizes have more than tripled.

It will also increase the figure that the players eliminated in the previous instances of the tournament will receive: those who are dismissed in the first round will receive 68 thousand euros while those who lose them in their second game will receive around 100 thousand.

Nadal was injured and was eliminated in the second round of the Australian Open

How much money will the Australian Open distribute?

The winner of the men’s tournament and the winner of the women’s draw will receive 1,922,683 euros each, while the finalists will take 1,050,249 of the same coin.

This is the list of prizes to be awarded by the Australian Open in each instance:

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  • Semifinalists: 597,834 euros
  • Quarterfinals: 358,842 euros
  • Round of 16: 218,601 euros
  • Third round: 147,301 euros
  • Second round: 102,664 euros
  • First round: 68,669 euros

Double category:

  • Champions: 449,172 euros
  • Finalists: 239,127 euros
  • Semifinalists: 135,721 euros
  • Quarterfinals: 75,289 euros
  • Round of 16: 43,461 euros
  • Second round: 30,051 euros
  • First round: 20,018 euros
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