Australian Open 2023: Nadal’s tremendous anger at the Australian Open: “It’s always the same with you, it doesn’t matter…”

Rafael Nadal disagreed with the chair umpire during the first set of the match of the Open the Australia who faced the American Mackenzie McDonald.

This is how Nadal was injured at the Australian Open

The Spanish tennis player complains about the little margin of time he has to get the towel before serving, considering that the towels were too far from the service area.

“The towel is there and I always see the clock that follows 5.4…”, explains the Spaniard.

“It’s always the same with you… It doesn’t matter,” Nadal complained to the chair umpire.

In the second set, Rafa Nadal repeated the discussion with the chair umpire, with time to serve as an object of debate.

In the previous match Nadal also protested to the chair umpire for the towels: “We need someone to bring us the towels, they are too far away. Why can’t the ball boys bring us the towels?”

Nadal’s complaints about the towels: “They’re super far away, why don’t the ball boys give them to us?”

Since the pandemic, ball boys no longer offer towels to tennis players.



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