ATP, Australian Open > Toni Nadal on Djokovic: “Almost nobody hates Federer and few people don’t like Rafael, Djokovic probably has more detractors than those two”

In an interview given to Vanity FairToni Nadal gives his opinion on the popularity rating of Novak Djokovic, who has just equaled his nephew, Rafa, with a 22e Grand Slam title thanks to his 10e crowned at the Australian Open.

“It’s not a problem that concerns me too much. I think the problem he had was that he arrived when there was a clear rivalry between Federer and Rafael, and people liked that confrontation. I think he never managed to be as popular as the other two, and his behavior on the pitch was a bit more complicated at times. I have a good relationship with him. Besides being a great champion, he always had a good relationship with me. There are people who like Rafael, others who like Federer and others who like Djokovic. It’s true that hardly anyone hates Federer and few people dislike Rafael, Djokovic probably has more detractors than those two. But I don’t know exactly why.”said the Spanish coach.



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