Atlético Nacional rules out Brayan Rovira and Juan Pablo Ramírez for Liga Betplay 2023 | Colombian Soccer | betplay league

Atlético Nacional introduced Nelson Deossa as a new reinforcement but will make room for him with departures that will probably be confirmed in the coming days. In fact, he already announced two.

Brayan Rovira and Juan Pablo ‘Indio’ Ramírez will not be in the purslane team this season despite belonging to the club.

DT himself, Paulo Autuori, confirmed it at a press conference. In the case of Rovira, he returned with a muscle injury from Deportes Tolima with the intention of staying but will not have space, according to DT.

Ramírez’s thing is different because, as explained in Win Sports, Autuori likes his game, he knows him closely because of what he did in Bahia but he explained that it does not depend on him and he will not return, since he has other offers, apparently one of European football.

According to the source, more departures on the payroll are not ruled out before the official start of the competitions.

In this way, the team seems to be ready for the season with the players it has, who are in good physical condition and who have great motivation to seek local titles, but especially the Copa Libertadores.



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