Araujo should have seen the yellow card for his entry into Vinicius



Good performance by De Burgos Bengoechea in the Super Cup final, except for the action of the Barcelona defender, who deserved to be booked. In the League, a serious mistake by Cuadra Fernández when awarding a penalty from Yeray to Kubo, which meant a red card for the Athletic defender

Araujo enters Vinucius disproportionately in the first minutes of the final REUTERS

Martinez Montoro


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The final of the Super Cup hardly registered controversial actions thanks to the good work of the referee, although there was an action in the first minutes that outraged part of the Madrid fans. In the League, there was controversy in the Basque derby and in the match between Almería and Atlético de Madrid.

  • Very good arbitration from the Collegiate De Burgos Bengoechea. The only mole was not admonishing Araujo, in the first minutes of the game, for a tackle on Vinicius when the ball was out of the field of play

  • Min 61. Fall from Kubo inside the Athletic box when he was in front of the rival goalkeeper. In addition to the penalty, Cuadra Fernández showed a red card to Yeray, since he considered that it was a push, avoiding a clear and manifest chance of scoring without dispute of the ball. The contact it’s not push and the penalty should not have been sanctioned and, evidently, no red card.

  • Reguilon He was sent off for a double warning. The first card was seen by argue with an adversaryand the second for beat very clearly, in a jump with one of his arms, in the face of a rival. The first yellow was very rigorous. About the second, nothing to object

The rest of the day passed without major incidents from the point of view of the arbitration group.



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