Aprilia, 16,000 euro contribution from the Terra council to 15 sports associations

The Municipality of Aprilia grants a total contribution of 16 thousand and 200 euros to 15 sports associations. With the resolution of the council n. 4 of 12 January, funding for the support of the annual activity was assigned to various realities active in the sports field under various aspects. 15 of the 19 applications received in recent months have been admitted to the contribution.

Specifically, the following will receive a contribution: Pianeta Volley (€1,487), Asd Aprilia Pentathlon Moderno (€1,350), Asd Judo Aprilia (€314), Asd Pallavolando a Tutto Tondo 5 Rondini Aprilia (€554), Asd FC Campo di Carne (€1,487 euros), Asd Il Bosco (1,487 euros), Asd Survival Trekking (884 euros), Asd Rari Nantes (783 euros), Moto Club Aprilia (628 euros), Vespa Club Aprilia (870 euros), Asd Hamsa (1,487 euros), Sport & Proevent (998 euros), Asd Anaspol (1,487 euros), Asd Virtual Life (1,487 euros) and the Pontina Ornicoltori Association (905 euros). Four instances were instead declared inadmissible pursuant to article 7 paragraph 7 of the municipal regulation.



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