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Clearly the best in Upper Bavaria: Four fights, four wins for young talent – the Aiblinger team also wins two bronze medals

Four fights, four victories – young talent Maxim Weisser from TuS Bad Aibling again confidently secured the title of Upper Bavarian Judo Champion in the weight class up to 50 kg.

The green belt wearer defeated his opponents with various floor and standing techniques: For example, with impressive shoulder, hip and foot throws…

Coach Philip Ampletzer had gone to Palling with a strong team, where judoka from Upper Bavaria and Munich were eligible to start.

Severin Posselt fought convincingly and was able to secure the bronze medal in the category -81 kg.

Paul Wacker After strong performances, he also finished third in the weight class up to 73 kg.

teammate Stefan Holzmaier fought for a good fifth place in the limit up to 66 kg.

A closed and good team performance by the Aiblinger judoka.

Head of department Denis Weisser: “Strong performance, all four judoka in the top five! Three medals, that’s something to be proud of. Even if the Bavarian championship, which will take place shortly, is open, this was a very important position determination after the holidays. After all, the boys fought in categories that were completely new to them. Bavarian championship? We are fit, we are coming!”

Photos: TuS Bad Aibling / Christian Kuttalek

Photo below the successful team from left: Maxim, Stefan, Paul and Severin …



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