Announcement of “B.LEAGUE U16 CHALLENGE CUP 2023” Kings Youth Team participation and holding at Okinawa Arena

The Kings Youth Team will participate in the “B.LEAGUE U16 CHALLENGE CUP 2023”, which will be held at the Okinawa Arena.
This tournament is a nationwide U16 tournament, which is a category that has never been seen before. The purpose is to provide opportunities for
In addition to 5 B Youth teams including the Kings, B League recommendedThe Okinawa Prefecture national team will also participate in this tournament.Please enjoy the fresh and aggressive play of the players who will lead the Japanese basketball world in the future.Please take a look at Okinawa Arena.

■General Assembly Overview
・ Organizer: Japan Basketball Association
 Japan Professional Basketball League
·director:Japan Professional Basketball League
·Cooperation:Okinawa Basketball Association ( )
    okinawa arenaLtd ( )
    okinawa basketballLtd.
·venue:Okinawa Arena (1-16-1 Yamauchi, Okinawa City)
・Schedule: February 18 (Sat)-19 (Sun)
・Remarks: Free admission

◼️ Participating teams

Nagoya Diamond Dolphins Youth Team
Yokohama B-Corsairs Youth Team
・B league recommended team (Okinawa Prefecture)

・Rising Zephyr Fukuoka Youth Team
Fukushima Firebones Youth Team
・RyukyuGolden Kings Youth Team

■ Schedule (tentative)

・9:00: Opening
・10:00~ Nagoya D vs.Yokohama BC[グループA]
・11:45~ Fukuoka vs.Fukushima[グループB]
・13:30~ Yokohama BC vs.Okinawa national team[グループB]
・15:15~ Fukushima vs KingsYouth[グループB]
・17:00~ Okinawa National Team vs.NagoyaD[グループA]
・18:45~ Kings vs.Fukuoka[グループB]

・Opening: 9:00
・9:30~ Group A 1st vs. Group B 2nd[1.]
・11:15~ Group A 2nd vs. Group B 1st[2.]
・13:00~ Group A 3rd vs. Group B 3rd
・14:45~ Winner of 1 vs Winner of 2

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