Álvaro Mayorga: “Avilés could compete in the First RFEF”

Real Avilés today presented Álvaro Fernández and Álvaro Mayorga, two of their new signings to face the second round of the Second RFEF. Astu, the blue and white sports director, highlighted the goalkeeper’s great football education, trained in the lower categories of Real Madrid, as well as praising his curriculum, since the man from Madrid has been an under-17 and under-19 international. Regarding Mayorga, the man from Gijón revealed that during the summer the club had already tested his incorporation, and pointed out that he is “a very hungry footballer and that he is going to give Cañedo many possibilities”, since he can play as a pivot, center back and even on both sides.

Alvaro Fernandez, goalkeeper

What can you contribute? “From the first day I have it clear. I come to add and make it difficult for the coach, so that he has to hesitate when making the line-ups. Davo is a great person, it will not be easy to win the starting position, but I am going to give the best of me”.

His arrival at Aviles. “Astu got in touch with my agents and they made a clear commitment to me. He arrived with the ambition to continue adding and I think this was what he needed, a project like this. I am very happy to be here, because of the project that exists and because of the type of club that Avilés is”.

Differences with Davo. “I am a hard-working player who tries to do my best. I think I have good footwork. I don’t have to differentiate myself from Davo, I have to adapt to what the coach asks of me.”

Aviles as a city. “Although I haven’t been there for a long time, nothing surprised me because of what I was able to study about the history of the club. In the end I see the stadium, the other day I was in the team and it shows that it is a very professional club. I want to help” .

The possible promotion. “This is game by game. I think there is a team to meet the objectives, but I don’t think it’s good to think about the end. It’s better to go game by game and see how everything turns out”.

Alvaro Mayorga, defender

The Suarez Gate. “When you step on this stadium, you can tell that it’s from another category. You can also see it in the atmosphere. I come to add as much as possible.”

Its versatility. “From the beginning I have played more as a pivot, although lately they have placed me as a central defender. I think that it is in those positions that I feel most comfortable, although I can also play as a winger. The important thing for me is to play, the position that decides it Coach”.

dream of ascending “The second part of the season is long. We’re going to go game by game, as Álvaro Fernández said. You have to visualize the short-term objectives and then cause us to reach the goal.”

The city. “Outside Madrid, football in these categories is more experienced, it is more visible and there are more fans. The fact that the whole city is behind a club like this attracts the player.”

Jonxa substitute. “I have already played in the left-back position, since I am ambidextrous. It is difficult for a right-handed player, I can adapt.”

defensive reinforcements. “There is a very good level, the competition is going to be healthy. It’s what we need, we all want to play, and that causes our teammates to push. It’s good for the team.”

The level of Aviles. “Avilés could compete in the First RFEF. I want to add minutes and this is an ambitious project. I’m here to help Avilés be in that category next year.”



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