Alpignano beaten and consolidated first place

Borgaro’s return to the league has been nothing short of convincing. About 45 minutes were enough to beat Alpignano in yesterday afternoon’s match, Sunday 8 January, and strengthen the lead in the standings. An almost perfect time for Cacciatore’s boys, who showed determination, speed, grit and game plots developed with fluency. So much so that the lead comes after just 13 minutes from a corner kick. It all starts with the usual Tindo, who engages the goalkeeper with a powerful shot from outside: Dinaro takes refuge in a corner, but the 1-0 goal by Pititto arrives from the flag, who takes advantage of a header from Magalhaes’ shot.

The advantage doesn’t stop Borgaro, who actually pushes the search for a doubling. In the 25th minute Mosca’s shot from outside the area was again blocked by the blue-and-white goalkeeper for a corner kick. It’s just evidence of the goal, which arrives in the 33rd minute. Free kick taken by Benassi, with the ball arriving in the area, where France jumps higher than anyone else and beats Dinaro: 2-0. The net shakes the guests, who try to reopen it at the end of the first half of the game, but Vero surpasses himself and saves the result. The second half opens with Alpignano pitching tents in the Borgaro half and trying in every way to find the net to change the game. In the 4th minute the home goalkeeper had to work overtime once again on a close shot from the guests, but in general all of Borgaro understood that the game had suddenly changed. Sarao took care of reassuring everyone, scoring the 3-0 goal on the counterattack and closing the games definitively.

A result perhaps lying for what we saw over the 90 minutes, but which gives even more value and merit to Cacciatore’s team. The first place in the standings is a testament to how this formation has learned from its recent mistakes. Halfway try for Alpignano. After 30 minutes of total blackout, Berta’s team returned to playing as before the Christmas break. Too late to be able to bring home points from Borgaro, but not to play a leading role in the second part of the season.



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