Algeria correct Niger and offer themselves a final at home

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Algeria easily edged Niger 5-0 to qualify for the CHAN-2023 final. The Fennecs have still not conceded a goal in this competition at home.

Almost a formality. Algeria wandered Tuesday, January 31 during their CHAN-2023 semi-final and won 5-0 against an overwhelmed Niger.

In front of the 40,000 supporters present in the Miloud Hadefi stadium in Oran, the Fennecs do honor to their public. They take control of the match, imposing a quiet and not very incisive dominance. In line with his other matchesNiger hopes to turn around and strike at the best time.

Algeria, however, quickly undermined the Mena’s projects. On a corner, Djibo completely misses his exit. On the rebound, Abdellaoui catapults the ball into the Nigerian net despite a desperate hand from a defender. The central defender of the Fennecs is the first to score a goal in Niger in this tournament (15, 1-0).

Dubbed the inevitable Mahious

La Mena is feverish and Algeria is trying to take advantage of it. The break points multiply but it is finally the inevitable Mahious finds the fault. Picking up a ball in depth, the top scorer of this CHAN scored a superb half-volley, his 4th achievement in the tournament (23e, 2-0). The fifth does not take long (33e3-0) while Katakore completes the debacle by deceiving his own goalkeeper on a corner (45e4-0).

In the second half, Niger attacked the Algerian cage with the energy of despair. Chaal shines many times and keeps his clean sheet as since the start of the tournament. Algeria ends up regaining control and even concludes the semi-final with a fifth goal, scored by the incoming Bayazid with the support of the VAR (83e5-0).

Between a clean sheet in its competition and an attack that finally scores more than once per game, Algeria arrives launched for the final of February 4 against the winner of Madagascar – Senegal.


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