Alexander Zverev thinks outside the box: German tennis star wants to reduce the CO2 footprint

“While recovering from my ankle injury and not traveling as much, I’ve had time to reflect on the impact my team is having on the environment, particularly in relation to the world tour and my title chase,” explained Zverev.

The result was amazing. In the period from May 2021 to May 2022, the German team covered around 500,000 kilometers. This corresponds to about 250 tons of CO2 equivalent emissions.

The enormous number of kilometers traveled can be attributed to the tight schedule of the tennis players, who have to cover large distances in the shortest possible time. Above all, the biggest problem is the way the whole team travels. Many places can only be reached by plane, which means that CO2 emissions are immense.

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Zverev now wants to tackle this problem with the environmental and social consulting company Carbon Clarity. The travel stress will hardly change. That’s why the 25-year-old is investing in alternative environmental projects to offset CO2 emissions.

Zverev wants to involve fans

These projects include the planting of mountain slopes in the Alps and in the Sauerland, the renaturation of high moors in the Diepholzer Moor and other afforestation in various places.

Zverev also wants to involve his fans and raise awareness of the issue of the environment. “I’m fortunate to have the opportunity to really make a difference. With the audiences watching our games on TV and online, we can help influence fans and competitors to make smart choices and by doing so, really achieve a lasting effect on our CO2 footprint,” the tennis star said with refreshing reflection.

The young German was inspired by sports stars such as the three-time Grand Slam winner Ashleigh Barty or soccer player Marcus Rashford from Manchester United. “We’ve also seen significant progress in Ash Barty’s efforts to raise awareness and take action on important social responsibility issues. And what Marcus Rashford has achieved in areas like race and poverty is amazing,” says Zverev.

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“It shows that we can use our sporting talent to make real changes in the world possible,” Zverev continued.

He does not want to let this important topic fade into the background. “The Travel Audit is just the beginning, but I want to go much further. My ultimate goal is to be the best tennis player in the world and to win majors and tournaments everywhere. But I cannot do that without also taking responsibility for ours impact on the environment and society,” said Zverev.

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