Alexander Gabler succeeds in defending his title, Deutscher Judo-Bund eV, press release

In the first block of the German Individual Championships in Stuttgart, decisions were made in the weight classes -73, -81 and -90 kg. The titles went to Alexander Gabler from Remscheider TV (up to 73 kg), Timo Cavelius from PTSV Hof (up to 81 kg) and Tim Schmidt from UJKC Potsdam (up to 90 kg).

In the class up to 73 kg, the first fight of the preliminary round saw a repeat of the final fight from 2022 between defending champion Alexander Gabler from Remscheider TV and Yerrick Schriever from TH Eilbeck. Gabler won the encounter and later made it into the final again. Here the 24-year-old from Remscheid defeated Jano Rübo from SSF Bonn, third last year, and won his second DM title.

In the class up to 90 kg, Tim Gramkow from TKJ Sarstedt, German Champion 2020 and 2021, and Timo Cavelius from PTSV Hof were in the final battle. In an exciting fight, Cavelius was able to achieve the decisive score after eight minutes of fighting and after three vice championships in 2020, 2021 and 2022 he won his first DM title. Defending champion Schamil Dzavbatyrov from TSV Großhadern won bronze.

In the class up to 90 kg, Tim Schmidt from UJKC Potsdam repeated his success from 2021. In the final, 25-year-old Brandenburger defeated Fabian Kansy from TSV Großhadern. Defending champion Johann Lenz from TSV Großhadern won bronze.

In the afternoon, the women will decide in the classes -57, -63 and -70 kg.

The results of the first final block:

up to 73 kg (33 participants):
1. Alexander Gabler, Remscheid gymnastics club / NW
2. Jano Rübo, SSF Bonn / NW
3. Michel Adam, Judo Sports Club Speyer / PF
3. Luc Meyer, KSC Asahi Spremberg / BB
5. Yerrick Schriever, TH Eilbeck / HH
5. Levi Märkt, SC Bushido Berlin / BE
7. Pascal Bruckmann, 1. Judoteam Heidelberg/Mannheim / BA
7. Maximilian Murawski, Brühler TV / NW

up to 81 kg (35 participants):
1. Timo Cavelius, PTSD Court / BY
2. Tim Gramkow, TKJ Sarstedt / NS
3. Shamil Dzavbatyrov, TSV Großhadern / BY
3. Lukas Vennekold, TSV Großhadern / BY
5. Florian Schadlich, SV Halle / ST
5. Andreas Höhl, SV Blau-Gelb Darmstadt / HE
7. Leon Schreder, Homburg Gymnastics Community / HE
7. Arsen Khachaturian, First Berlin JC/BE

up to 90 kg (21 participants):
1. Tim Schmidt, UJKC Potsdam / BB
2. Fabian Kansy, TSV Großhadern / BY
3. Johann Lenz, TSV Großhadern / BY
3. Martin Matijass, JC 71 Düsseldorf / NW
5. Franz Haettich, TSV Bayer 04 Leverkusen / NW
5. Tom Droste, Dattelner JC/NW
7. Alexander Heidrich, PSV Duisburg / NW
7. Jonas Klein, ESV Siershahn / RL

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