Agris Galvanovskis “Basketstudija 2+1”: “30 candidates are fighting for a place in the U16 national team”

“Basketstudija 2+1” will continue discussions about the situation in Latvian youth basketball. We talked with Agri Galvanovski, the head coach of the Latvian U16 national team, the head of the coaching commission of the Latvian Basketball Association, about what was experienced and concluded at the Baltic Sea Cup tournament, but not only. Also about:

* U16 national team for the first steps of the new convocation;

* the consequences of the pandemic and the impact of LBS guidelines on candidate preparation;

* game time limit for leaders;

* how to compensate for the lack of height centimeters;

* contribution of players who have gained experience abroad;

* how to catch the eyes of national team coaches;

* Gunt Schönhoff’s gift;

* 30 candidates for 12 places;

* differences in requirements in the U15 and U16 age groups;

* U18 national team games for handwriting searches;

* opportunities to promote the development of mastery with administrative methods;

* how to find a common denominator for the views of the LBS Youth and Coaches Commission.

54 minutes about Latvian youth basketball news!



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