Abelardo, after the draw against Levante: “The point is good. I would have signed earlier this week”

Abelardo, the Sporting coach, was satisfied with the draw against Levante, which he described as “a great team” and appreciated the changes of Djuka for Milo, the possible departure of Mariño, the Cup and the lack of victories.

Sensations after another tie in a “different” game. “I’m leaving thinking that it’s a good point seeing how the game turned out in the first half. We corrected several details at halftime. The effort we made is important because we come from the Cup, which was very demanding. They made more changes than us because they have a First Division squad. I think Levante is a candidate for direct promotion so the point is good. I’m happy because we recovered from an unfortunate first half but more to the merit of Levante. It’s been a good week, which I would have signed since the beginning”.

The victories do not stop coming. “The tie is good because both teams could win. They had clear chances in the second half and we had some chances from Milo. The draw is fine. I don’t know if they are the best in the category, but it is clear that they are one of the best. There are 16 games without losing. They are a team. We come from an important effort on Wednesday. The players were fantastic. People from b came in, which was phenomenal. I insist, I’m happy.”

Line of five in defense. New usual system? “It depends on the rival and how the game is set up. The important thing is to have several systems. We have players for it, but it depends on the game. I don’t know if it’s a system that will stay or not. It will depend on what I see. The players have assimilated well and we defended better than other games and we also attacked better. It’s something that we will value in the coaching staff, but always thinking about the rival”. but you have to value it among the coaching staff thinking about the rival.

one of 11. “Yes, it’s a game won out of the last 11. But there are the victories against Numancia and Rayo, which are also important, even if it’s in the Cup. Now there are three games coming from our league. Two at home. I’m ambitious, but the point I would have signed it more after Wednesday’s effort”.

The possible arrival of Chilean striker Jeraldino. “If a player comes who improves what is there, he is welcome. But it is up to the technical secretary. They assess whether he contributes or not”-

De Duc’s penalties. “I have not returned to see”. There is a VAR review that will have seen it. In the field I couldn’t tell you. The referee sees it and there is nothing to object to.”

Balance of the first half and the second and the influence of Milo in the change with Djuka. “I don’t think the improvement in the second half is because Milo was better and Djuka worse. It was a collective matter. We closed passing lanes, which we didn’t do in the first half. It’s not a matter of Milo or Djuka. I wasn’t happy with Djuka in the first half. I did not change him because of the penalty. “There were things that I asked for and that he did not do and for that there are other teammates who come in and do it well. If Milo was not a starter it was due to a physical issue. He wasn’t around for ninety minutes.”

The Sporting League. “By our league, I mean that Levante is ahead in terms of players and budget, not for discrediting Sporting.”

Christ and Campuzano. “I don’t get into debates. They pay me for Sporting to compete. Campu comes out of injury and it’s the same as always. If Campu or Cristo plays, we have to get Milo out. Aren’t we so happy with him? Those who play are better”.

The possible departure of Mariño to Almería in January. “I just found out now. I have no idea. I am not aware. The club has not told me anything. I don’t know”.

Christ and his possible departure. “It’s something you have to ask the club or the player. That possibility has not arisen to me. This is where Christ has played the most and has had the best numbers. I don’t know if he wants to change scenery or it’s the club. It’s not an assessment Mine. I have no idea. For me, let him stay.

Cup draw and the preferences of the coach. I don’t think about it, whoever touches it. All are good. Hopefully Madrid or Barcelona, ​​because of the people, but all the teams are good, because a first-class team is coming and they’re going to be better than us. We, Racing and Zaragoza. We have to value our league. The first excited about the cup is me, but welcome whoever touches. He gives me a little the same.”

For his part, the Levante coach, Javier Calleja, was dissatisfied with the tie.

Sensations after the tie in a game that “had control”. “I’m leaving with a rage because we did everything to win in a field that is very complicated. We had clear chances and the work we’ve done is good. We have to improve in the rival area. We have to keep proposing, but having more success”.

His vision of Sporting. “It is a competitive team, with a great coach who works his way of seeing football very well. Sporting has looked for a variant with a defense of five that the other day (due to the game against Rayo) worked for them. We show personality. We don’t wrinkle. I told my players that this was one of the most difficult outings we have. I think it is our merit rather than Sporting’s demerit in the game. If this were boxing, I think we would have won on points. I hope that Sporting, for whom I am very fond, will do well.”

Djuka’s penalty. “I think there is contact, it may be involuntary. I don’t think there is a will to do damage, but it’s inside the area and for me it’s a penalty.”

Superiority of Levante along with Las Palmas and Eibar. “I think the two teams you mention are two great teams that don’t go down and are fighting to get promoted. “But I don’t rule out those who come from below because they compete well. We are in an ascending line, but this is long and the one who trusts is the one who falls. We must not get carried away by euphoria. We are not among the first two, which It’s our goal.”



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