A simple, fast, effective and above all accessible self-defense discipline

Krav Maga is for everyone…and everyone!

In September 2019, a new association was born under the leadership of Isabelle Dufour and Marie-Astrid Philippart: the KMQG, Krav-Maga and Qi Gong. Krav-maga is a very young self-defense discipline. The body shape is that of kickboxing, but krav-maga has used techniques from other disciplines (MMA, karate, aikido, judo, etc.) consistent with its basic principles. This discipline, where we like to put ourselves in a situation, remains accessible and adapts to all, men and women, young and old, whatever their physical condition. The goal is to learn to defend oneself, to manage stress and above all to gain confidence.

The krav-maga section of KMQG is therefore in its third season. This is an opportunity to introduce this discipline, still little known, to a wider audience. With the help of the Center SocioCulturel et de Loisirs de la Communauté de Communes du Pays Châtillonnais (where a permanence of the Information Center on the rights of women and families is held on the last Friday of each month), the KMQG proposed a session discovered on the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. Thirty women of all ages and a few men who came to support the cause were introduced to various basic self-defense techniques, helped in particular by six KMQG students who relayed their teacher’s instructions after demonstration times. “The participants were thus able to discover several defense solutions, depending on the scenario proposed. They were then able to experiment in a playful way with the other aspect of krav-maga, foot-fist combat, through a hitting exercise on a shield with gloves” summarizes the teacher.

In the premises of the CSCL, under the aegis of the Maison des Jeunes et de la Culture, at 11 rue Albert Camus in Châtillon-sur-Seine, the KMQG offers krav-maga lessons on Saturdays from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. advanced fighters) and from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. (for beginners). Qigong classes take place on Sundays from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m., every fortnight.

By the way, is a physical condition necessary? Already, it is necessary to understand the context in which krav-maga was born: it was created in the 1930s to allow members of the Jewish community of Eastern Europe to defend themselves against the pogroms of which they were victims. The vocation of this discipline is therefore to address everyone. Its creator designed krav-maga to be simple, fast, effective and above all accessible to everyone.

The European Krav-Maga Federation is also very committed to the fight against violence against women: some FEKM instructors have created the Krav Maga Women Protect Charity Association, which offers international internships for female victims. of violence, particularly in India.

In addition, the KMQG association is currently preparing a special evening for the Chinese New Year. This evening, scheduled for February at Chemin d’Aisey, will be an opportunity to discover Qi Gong through a collective practice open to all. Then, through a film on the life of a Chinese Taoist Master, the evening will allow you to discover Taoism and the preponderant importance that this philosophy-religion gives to the relationship between Man, Nature and the Universe. Qi Gong according to Taoist precepts is then a tool to maintain, or even regain, one’s balance in harmony with nature.



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