A presenter jokes with Jon Rahm about the involuntary ball hit that cost him eight teeth

Lthe scene took place during the past PGA Championship, in May of last year. The presenter of ‘SportsCenter’ the ESPN, Sage Steelewas hit by a ball in the face after a Tee shot missed by Jon Rahm, on hole 3 of the first round. After much pain, bewilderment and some blood, Ella Steele was taken to the hospital, where it was confirmed that she had eight knocked out teeth.

Now the journalist has been able to chat about that incident with the Spanish golfer. The ‘Len de Barrika’ has explained that He heard nothing that day about what happened to his ball before he hit it again. “When they told me what happened, I couldn’t believe it. I’m sorry,” Jon apologized.

Sage, relat: “While I hid behind a tree, I had no teeth left in my mouth”. The presenter joked: “Then I looked up and I saw you on the field. I thought the least you could do for me was birdie, but you didn’t.”.

Rahm, responded: “I have to say that you are tough as nails. Jesus Christ! I hit him hard; the ball was going fast. But no, I didn’t birdie and I think I had the opportunity to do it”. The Basque golfer even praised the good work done by the doctors: “But I can’t believe how good you look after that, my God.”.

The communicator, be joking: “I now have eight beautiful new teeth; this is a victory.”



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