“A monument of French football and the history of the Blues”, swears the goalkeeper coach about Lloris

Goalkeeper coach for the France team since 2010, the 49-year-old technician pays tribute to the young 36-year-old retired international.

After Didier Deschamps, Franck Raviot’s turn to pay tribute to Hugo Lloris after his international retirement. “He is a monument of French football and the history of the Blues who has decided to bow out, a great leader too, esteemed and highly appreciated by his teammates and all the staff.“Judges the one who officiates as a goalkeeper coach for the French football team since 2010. “Through all the values ​​he has conveyed, he deserves the highest and greatest respect of all. He is a very great champion who withdraws from the life of the selections. He’s a great man, too. As a player, the high level he has achieved throughout his career is the result of constant work, of total professional conscience. He always had the desire and the desire to be the best performer and did everything possible in his preparation. His talent is great, of course, but his permanence at the top level would have been impossible without methodical work. Over time, he knew himself by heart. Hugo is fine watchmaking“Swears the 49-year-old technician in a statement relayed by the FFF.

And to continue:It was a total pleasure to find him in the selection. It is also an honor and a privilege to accompany him during training, preparations and warm-ups. Our relationship was made up of great complicity, total trust. Some glances were enough to understand us. Sometimes silences have the beauty of the words they suggest. I wish Hugo to be as happy as possible in this new life, with his club and his family. He deserves the greatest happiness in the world.Lloris, 36, kept goals for the Blues 145 times, a record. He has always worked with Raviot.



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