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The Benin Volleyball Federation (Fbvb) organized Tuesday, January 10, 2023, the Awareness Day on Sport, Health and Fair Play at the Hall of Arts, Leisure and Sports in Cotonou. At this meeting, representatives of the Federations, athletes, coaches and supporters of the sports world were instructed on the values ​​advocated by Olympism, the measures to prevent injuries, how to achieve high performance athletes and also, how provide first aid to victims in stadiums.

During this exchange meeting, Fernando Hessou, Secretary General of the National Olympic and Sports Committee of Benin (Cnos-Ben) indicated, during his communication, that the values ​​of Olympism are the fight against Doping and substances prohibited. Following this, he invited the athletes, who are the first concerned by the fight against doping, to control themselves and all the products they use for their treatment. These tips will allow them to avoid falling into the trap that can earn them 4 years of suspension from sports practice. Following this first communication, Doctors Wilfrid Agbodjogbé and Nawal Tigri discussed the “Risks of injury to Sport” and also “How to prevent injuries and treat them”. According to them, coaches must know each of their athletes. “They must take into account their category and sex, know how to dose the loads,” they advised before recommending to athletes that they must hydrate and rest a lot. “Athletes, it is important to say that rest, hydration, control of their diet contribute enormously to eliminating the risk of injury,” said Dr. Wilfrid Agbodjogbé. On invisible work and mental work, the duo Aurèle Louis and Eric Louis did not fail to provide details. According to them, it is a question of working with the athlete from an early age so that he is only instilled with the values ​​that can allow him to perform even in difficult conditions. Finally, the participants were introduced to first aid by agents of the Benin Red Cross. This awareness day was led by former Beninese volleyball player and journalist Hermione Ligan, currently a female member of the Beninese Badminton Federation (FéBéBa).

M.M. (Femme au Sport/Fbvb)



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