A fan was rescued with injuries after falling from the second tray of the Bombonera and landing on barbed wire

Apparently, he wanted to jump towards the lower sector, hooked his foot and fell. He was left half-naked and with his arm dangling, until he let go and they were able to assist him.

Boca Juniors, defending champion of the Professional Soccer League, debuted with a victory against Atlético Tucumán in the new season of Argentine soccer that began after the consecration of the selected team in the World Cup in Qatar. However, there was a situation that was about to spoil the party. Before the start of the match, a man wanted to go from the second tray to the audience and fell on a barbed wire.

This is José Gonzalo Martínez, a native of Junín. As reported, it is a man who suffered a psychotic episode with persecutory paranoid delusion and whose degree of blood alcohol was 1.24.

The fan suffered injuries to one of his arms, to the torso and to the head. It is that in his attempt to get out of the trap he was in, and to get to the stretcher with which private security employees and police officers tried to help him, he had to go through the fucking security guards installed on the acrylic that demarcates two sectors of the stadium.

As a consequence, Martínez received “deep perforations” by the barbed wire that was in the structure, specifically in the area of ​​the hands and the bull.

The Boca fan was assisted by security personnel. Photo Marcelo Carroll

It is that before completing its descent, it was left literally hanging from his left arm and half naked. In this sense, sources stressed that the actions of the lifeguards were what prevented the man from piercing his neck and face.

According to reports, the emergency team that was on duty at the Bombonera removed him on a stretcher to provide him with medical assistance.

After giving him first aid, the police helped the medical personnel load the patient into the ambulance and transferred him to the Argerich Hospital guarded by agents. Upon arrival, they reported that the young man threw himself under the vehicle once again.

Regarding the healing process of their wounds, they pointed out that it was complicated since they had to “avoid their self-harm”. “He repeatedly threw himself to the floor because he mentioned that he was being persecuted,” they stressed in this regard.

First win in the championship

With the usual color, the Boca stadium was filled with a multitude of fans who came to the field to debut the title of champion. But the night was marked by an episode that quickly went viral on social media and could have ended in tragedy.

Xeneize returned to La Bombonera 98 days after their consecration in the last League that came with their draw against Independiente (2-2) and with River’s victory, in Marcelo Gallardo’s last official match, beating Racing in Avellaneda, and he did it with a 1-0 victory.

Oscar Romero took center stage on the night of the return of Hugo Ibarra’s team and was fundamental in taking possession of the victory against Atlético Tucumán, scoring the only goal of the night.

In this way, in the presentation of Sergio Romero in the goal, the Paraguayan brought a smile to those on the banks after the defeat in the final of the International Super Cup against Racing in Abu Dhabi.

Matías Orihuela almost made Boca’s night bitter with a headbutt but he inexplicably threw it out. Thus, those of Negro Ibarra started with the right foot from the hand of a lefty who gave him the three points.



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