A Bari il Jr.Nba U13 Championship con il Draft Event

Puglia is also on the rounds of the Jr.NBA FIP U13 Championship, the NBA-style tournament reserved for clubs participating in the under 13 championships. Sunday 22 January, at 9.00 am, the official baptism at the PalaCarrassi in Bari with the Draft Event, a draw for the combination of teams to NBA franchises. The event will end with the delivery of the legendary NBA jerseys, which will be the under 13 championship game uniforms for the entire event.

Ninety Apulian teams at the start, 77 men and 13 women, with the participation of over 1000 boys and girls. Puglia competing with Basilicata in the men’s U13 and with Abruzzo, Molise and Marche in the women’s U13.

«We can’t wait to get started – explains Francesco Damiani, president of Fip Puglia -. We joined the Jr.NBA FIP U13 Championship with satisfaction, knowing how much interest and spirit of emulation it arouses among the very young. Already in recent seasons, Puglia has been among the first regions to join similar initiatives, working with schools and gaining approval and consensus. It will be an opportunity to further enhance the under 13 championships which this season have recorded a peak in entries, especially in the female field».

These are impressive numbers for the first year of the agreement that unites – the first time at a world level – the National Basketball Association with a national basketball federation in such a far-reaching project: 13 regions, 16 leagues, 476 teams, 5800 male and female players , 700 youth referees.

Upon completion of the Regional and Interregional Leagues, the winners of each League (12 men’s teams and 4 women’s teams) will qualify for the Final Event (June 9-11, 2023, venue TBC) where they will play for the coveted Jr. NBA Ring. Just like in the famous American league that ignites the passion of all basketball fans.



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