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Chelsea coach Graham Potter threatened to be sacked by club management Several names emerged as possible replacements, including the involvement of Thomas Tuchel.

BOLASTYLO.COM – Chelsea coach Graham Potter is in danger of being fired by club management. Several names emerged as possible replacements, including the involvement of Thomas Tuchel.

The issue of dismissal is increasingly felt ahead of the continuation of Chelsea’s Premier League match against Crystal Palace at Stamford Bridge headquarters this weekend, Sunday (15/1/2023).

Since being appointed Chelsea owner, Todd Boehly to replace Thomas Tuchel on 8 September 2022, Potter has only won 8 of 19 matches.

The rest, he led the Blues to swallow 7 defeats and only four draws, the percentage of wins did not reach 50 percent (42.1 percent).

This bad record has made Potter always compared to Tuchel, who brought the Blues to the pinnacle of glory by winning the 2019-2020 Champions League.

This also put the position of the former Brighton coach under threat, even though he admitted that he had the support of the new Chelsea owners.

There have been many reports saying that the 47-year-old coach will be sacked if he loses to Crystal Palace at home.

There are several coaches who are not currently managing the club who have the potential to replace Graham Potter.

One of them is Thomas Tuchel, whose name is still often lauded by the Blues fans.

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As in Chelsea’s last game when they visited Fulham headquarters, Craven Cottage Stadium which ended in a 1-2 defeat to the home team.

The longing of the Blues fans for Thomas Tuchel was heard again.

Even though they lost, Chelsea actually performed quite well especially with the presence of debutant Joao Felix. Unfortunately, Chelsea had trouble scoring goals.

Disaster came when Felix was sent off by the referee due to getting a direct red card. Fulham took advantage of the player’s advantage to score the winning goal.

In the midst of this chaotic condition, Chelsea supporters who were present at the stadium sang a song by mentioning the name Thomas Tuchel.

This song is a form of their longing for Tuchel. With him, Chelsea played like a top team and reached the final many times.

The song of longing was not once heard when Chelsea played.

The same thing was heard when Chelsea were slaughtered 0-4 by Man City in the third round of the FA Cup, Sunday (8/1/2023) WIB.

The Chelsea fans who were present at the Etihad Stadium sang, “We used to have Tommy Tuchel who was super.”

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If you listen to the wishes of the fans, it is not impossible for Thomas Tuchel to return to handle the Blues.

Remember, the German coach once said that Chelsea was the most special club he had ever handled, even if only briefly.

But the problem is, the change of coach is not based solely on the wishes of the fans. But the decision of the club officials and club management considerations.

If you remember the case of Tuchel’s dismissal which occurred after the change in Chelsea’s leadership regime, it can be said that it is almost impossible for the coach to return to the club.

Previously, the change of owner from Roman Abramovich to Graham Potter had an effect on the change of manager.

It was rumored that Tuchel had a difference of opinion with Boehly, he was fired and replaced by Potter, who at that time brought Brighton to compete at the top of the Premier League.

Therefore, Tuchel’s return to Stamford Bridge is practically impossible.

Apart from Tuchel, there are still coaches who are not managing other clubs who have the potential to replace Graham Potter if Chelsea are sacked.

They are Mauricio Pochettino (last coached PSG), Zinedine Zidane (Real Madrid), Joachim Loew (German national team), and Luis Enrique (Spain national team).

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