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Original title: 361° builds a bridge of communication between the brand and young basketball crowd with “touch the ground and burn” I new marketing

Basketball is never lacking in passion and creativity, and it creates legends all the time. From the moment we get in touch with basketball culture, we will find that our dreams are within reach.

Not long ago, the 2022 “Touch the Ground and Burn” series of events independently created by the well-known domestic sports brand 361º. After more than two months of fierce competition, 16 winning teams stood out from more than 300 participating teams. National championship contention. On the field, the contestants faced each other with full firepower, which attracted cheers from the audience and pushed the atmosphere to a climax from time to time.

The national finals of “Touching the Ground and Burning” adopted a double-elimination competition system, with 16 teams fighting each other. After many rounds of fierce battles, the 67 team led by Zhong Xianchao finally won the championship, which also drew a successful conclusion to the 2022 “burning on the ground”.

From scratch in three years, 361°’s “Touching the Ground and Burning” has become a self-owned IP event that has attracted much attention in the industry, and its influence has also spread to places outside the arena.

If a sports brand wants to establish a relationship with young people, basketball is the best medium.

With 361°’s comprehensive upgrade of the “Touch and Burn” event this year, this event has gradually entered the field of vision of public basketball fans in the past two years, no matter the scale of the event, participating players, competition system or supporting facilities All products have been improved in quality.

It is reported that since its establishment, “Touching the Ground and Burning” has fully supported grassroots basketball, provided professional basketball sports equipment and display platforms for young people who like and love basketball, and built a scene where the brand can get in touch with young consumer groups at close range.

In 2022, the touchdown will span 9 cities, attracting more than 1,000 players to actively participate. After more than 400 fierce competitions, 16 teams will gather in Zhengzhou to compete for the national championship honor.

After three years, the “Touching the Ground and Burning” series of events have received enthusiastic responses, setting off a basketball boom in the cities they visited, winning phenomenal enthusiasm and extensive participation from the masses, and injecting more fresh energy into the development of basketball.

In order to encourage more grassroots players to stand on the long-awaited arena, there is no entry threshold for “Touching the Ground and Burning”, continuing the spirit of #球球不会接你#, and all basketball lovers are welcome to play.

We can see that in the arena, off-court topics and stories that “touch the ground and burn”, brands can grow together with users and cultivate more potential user groups.

Only when there are enough potential user groups can the brand produce qualitative changes.After the epidemic dissipates in the future, the momentum brought about by the instant fire may be even more limitless.

In this massive street basketball game, there are both reforms in the way of expression and innovations in experience. Talented people become basketball leaders here. 361° also continues to release the charm of basketball competition through the game, showing the streetball ceiling. The duel story creates a deep spiritual connection with everyone who comes to the arena.

Whether it is a grassroots player, an ordinary basketball fan, or those fans and passers-by waiting in the live broadcast room, they can find the most real power brought by the enthusiasm for basketball in the touchdown.

The “China Basketball Development Report” shows that my country has a general basketball population of 125 million and a core basketball population of 76.1 million. Basketball has become China’s number one sport.

Since the second half of 2019, 361° has gained insight into the huge potential of the basketball track through accurate judgment of the development trend of mass sports, and defined the basketball category as a strategic category to make a breakthrough.

Under such a market environment, basketball sports equipment undoubtedly has a huge potential market.

In addition, thanks to the impact of the “double reduction”, the probability and opportunity for young people to participate in basketball in the future will also continue to rise. Such a natural guarantee will bring endless imagination to major brands.

In order to implement this goal, 361° strengthened the investment of core resources, and successively signed NBA players Aaron Gordon, Spencer Dinwiddie and CBA player Koranbek Macan as brand spokespersons within three years, and continued to increase basketball market. In May, 361° brand spokesperson Spencer Dinwiddie led his team to the NBA Western Conference finals, realizing the exposure of the product in the international arena.

During the research and development process, 361° also invited spokespersons to participate in product testing many times, and continued to polish according to their feedback, repeated several times, and finally put it on the market.

In fact, through the holding of the “Touch the Ground and Burn” series, 361° not only realizes the interaction between mass consumers and offline store resources, but also demonstrates the professionalism of the brand in the consumer terminal in a way closer to sports life, giving stores more Showing more meanings will deepen the public’s awareness of product performance and brand concept, achieve a close integration of marketing and business, enhance the professional image of the brand in the consumer terminal, and thus boost sales. And then establish a more three-dimensional and multi-faceted brand image.

2. Demonstrate the value of the “IP” of its own competitions

In recent years, due to the repeated impact of the epidemic, the public’s life, work, and sports habits will inevitably be disrupted, and it is even more difficult to meet the needs of watching games offline and experiencing the sports atmosphere in person. Therefore, everyone will have a stronger demand for participating in a wonderful and attractive offline sports event.

Against such a background, 361° has withstood the difficulties and pressures of organizing competitions and activities under the epidemic, and launched two major categories of basketball and running for the two core categories: “Touch the ground and burn” and “Track No. 3”. Own IP events.

After the first two years of business development, the 361° self-owned IP event system centered on the above two events has gradually matured and has entered the harvest period.

Through its own IP event system, 361° not only meets the consumption needs of the public for sports content and products, but also has the opportunity to communicate and interact with young people at close range. In the process, it creates more opportunities for the display and sales of its own products. More and better stages.

In fact, the more difficult it is to hold “Touching the Ground and Burning”, the more valuable it can reflect the value of the event.

This kind of persistence not only shows 361°’s firm belief and undying enthusiasm for basketball market development, but also has been written into the brand concept of 361° Basketball. In the confrontation, passion and honor of the game, it turns into a kind of appeal Continue to pass to basketball consumers.

This is the value of its own competition IP,It is not only an important link to connect consumers, but also a display of product specialization and design, and an excellent scene for the brand spirit to release energy and interpret love.

For 361°, it provides an opportunity for the brand to communicate with sports fans. It not only gives honor and a sense of ceremony to street basketball, but also helps the brand stir up more profound memories and emotional value in the hearts of basketball people. , to further establish a longer-term market appeal for the 361° basketball category.

361°, the original intention of creating the “Touch the Ground and Burn” event is to inspire more ordinary people who love basketball by digging out the new generation of grassroots players and understanding their grassroots stories about basketball, which is what we call grassroots.

The reason why the sports stories of the grassroots people are so attractive to us comes from the purer love and interest among ordinary heroes.

Therefore, for the market positioning of street games, basketball consumers are behind it, and they are local users that domestic brands are eager to harvest and cover.

Influencing the public and reaching out to young people is to grasp the core basketball consumers, especially to gain the recognition of young people, which means to grasp the future.

The self-owned IP events not only provide 361° with an opportunity to communicate with sports enthusiasts, but also realize diversified coverage from basketball to running, and build a stage for brands and consumers to release their love and realize their pursuit of sports.

As an important part of the layout of the 361° basketball professional field, its own IP event “Touch the ground and burn” creates a stadium for mass sports enthusiasts, conveys the brand spirit of “more love” and promotes the development and cultivation of basketball. Brand influence was exerted in the selection and selection of new basketball players.

It can be seen that 361° aims at younger and relatively middle-class markets, creating cultural value of products, and allowing mainstream consumers to resonate more with the brand spirit.

As the engine of sports brands, the basketball category is also the best booster to give more sportsmanship to the 361° brand. While meeting the needs of mass sports, it also helps China’s sports industry cake continue to grow.

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