30 years of the disappearance of the Board of Trustees

Years later, the Bahía San Agustín surpassed its milestone, but the reference project of Majorcan basketball that most times caressed the pending account of the ACB League refers us to a name that generates a memory that is as traumatic as it is emotional in those who remember a splendor era of the sport of the basket in Ciutat that came to an abrupt end three decades ago, with the dissolution of the remembered Board of Trustees on January 18, 1993.

Image of a meeting of the manager of the Board of Trustees, at the Bonaire 18 headquarters.

It was the certification of a death announced after Jordi Freixanet’s basket that pointed the way to promotion to Cáceres that fateful May 10, 1992 and it caused a huge impact on Mallorcan basketball, which saw how that exciting Prohaci Board of Trustees chaired by Esteve Siquier, the Coll, Mincy, Servera, Heredero, Estany, De la Cruz and company was making water and, despite continuing with a minimum budget in the First Division, it did not have much more travel.

Fiol, Servera, Giménez, Reynés, Coll and Alzamora, at the gates of the Board of Trustees headquarters.

thirty years ago the manager of the Board of Trustees chose to initiate the dissolution of the team, given the impossibility of being able to meet the budget of that 92/93 campaign (with Syp as main sponsor), which amounted to an amount of 33,700,000 pesetas. while in bonaire sede 18 When that decision was made, the players and coaches waited for news on the street, starring in an image that is part of the most expendable history of Palma basketball. The measure only affected the first team, as the base continued for many more years, liquidating a project that managed to fill Son Moix and make them dream of the ACB.

Many influence the sale of the historic site of Avingudesthe true headquarters of the Board of Trustees, as a turning point towards this fatal outcome for the dream that Pedro Vidal and his group started back in 1986.

The players and coaches of the Syp Patronato, giving a press conference.

The last course of that respected Board of Trustees in the First Division (current LEB Oro) started, but immediately the non-sports problems (unpaid…) that were reflected on the pitch. Popson packed his bags and Chievous landed with his remembered “no money, no play”, another chapter of a serial that On Sunday, January 24 of that 1993, he lived the last game of the Board. It was in Son Moix, against Gran Canaria and with a defeat (88-99) accompanied by a moving ovation from the fans for a team led by Xisco Amengual, who He no longer traveled to San Sebastián to face Askatuakgiving them the game for lost (2-0).

On February 5, the numeral partners, summoned in an extraordinary assembly, decided to withdraw the team from the competition. That caused the players to have to look for a life outside of Mallorca and the final point of a project, that of the Board of Trustees, which thirty years later is still alive in the memory of those who touched it closely. As the ACB had to tread.



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