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Dear gentleman whose rear view mirror I have just touched at the traffic light – inadvertently, believe me – I understand your bitterness towards me. I also understand that in the country, pardon in the nation, after so much laxity there is a certain air of justice, if not summary, at least expeditious. However, before you grab the baseball bat that I see strategically leaning on the rear window of your car to come and place it on the back of my neck, I suggest you take a deep breath, so as to give me time to tell you what happened in Genoa in the historic center .

A craftsman with a passion for archery leaned out the window to invite people who were bickering in the street to moderate their voices, but not having received a polite answer, he took up his bow and shot an arrow which fatally pierced the liver of one of the hecklers.

By dint of invoking zero tolerance we started with l’azzerare l’umanit, losing the awareness that any loss of self-control can have lethal effects. Even the archaic eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth contemplated a proportion between the offense and the reaction. To the many who spend their days feeling perpetually the victim of some abuse, we should begin by explaining that the world, in its indifference, is not angry with anyone. Not even with you, dear sir. So put down the baseball bat and let’s go get coffee together. Or a chamomile tea, which is better.

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