Young man picked up Bad Bunny’s tennis from his concert in Monterrey

Mexico City /

A special or disgusting memory? A young woman claims to have one of the sneakers that Bad Bunny used in one of his most recent presentations at the BBVA stadium in Monterrey. It must be remembered that the Puerto Rican artist performed in royal lands last weekend as part of his World’s Hottest Tour.

Before stepping on the Azteca stadium in Mexico City and ending his world tour, the bad rabbit arrived in Monterrey to make thousands of Monterrey people dance. His concert was full of surprises, but as often happens, events around the main show go viral on social networks.

like the young woman picked up one of the sneakers that Bad Bunny threw at the public in his last presentation and now he boasts it on his social networksyes; from the model, the shoe size she wears and even her smell described the young woman. “Does it smell bad?” Was one of the many questions that this video that is viral on TikTok aroused.

Is it really Bad Bunny’s tennis? Many users doubted whether it was really the shoes of the interpreter of I am not jealousso that The girl had to share an extra video in which you can see how the singer takes them off and throws them at the public who quickly fights for them.

“It’s an Adidas Ultra Boost, it fits ten and a half, that is, eight and a half Mexican. It is a very beautiful, precious tennis. It smells like the love of my life, ”said the young woman in her video, which has 300,000 views.

Thousands of users have reacted to this video, since having such a gift is rare, in addition to the fact that for many it will be difficult to believe that it is really Bad Bunny’s footwear; There were also those who pointed out that it is another worthless object and the reaction is part of the excessive aggrandizement that has been given to the artist.

“A pretty common shoe! that’s why she threw it away”, “It’s like taking a piece of gum. but the intention counts”, “I’m not bearing, okay?”“It smells like success”, “Hello!!! I have the other tennis“The real who could”, “I’ll buy it for you friend, serious offer”“Get together with the other one who has the tennis and they sell them Very expensivessss”, they reacted in the comments.




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