World Cup Diary: A memorial of a goal

Status: 03.12.2022 10:11 p.m

Sports show reporter Marcus Bark reports in the World Cup diary about the football World Cup in Qatar, his impressions and encounters.

The note under the hotel door is now part of the day like breakfast. Again construction work, again it doesn’t matter because on the way. Earlier than planned because the answer to the question of whether “what is coming to the DFB today” was only briefly answered with “no” to the best of our knowledge and belief.

Must have really rattled in the team when discussing the bandage and the substitute gesture. Someday someone will openly chat. After Vatutinki also happened.

On the way to the metro station again past the monument. In reality it isn’t, but it is a reminder almost every day that not every tiny little thing has been thought of. This nasty tripping hazard with the magnificent screws on the sidewalk would be gone as quickly as a handkerchief that someone loses from their pants pocket on the subway. Just had to report someone.

Orange further. Now against Argentina. Flashback 1998. Quarterfinals. Dennis Bergkamp. Why does this gate not yet have a monument?



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