World Cup 2022: World Cup dream bursts after penalties: the Neymar drama! | Sports

Brazil has been dreaming of a sixth World Cup title for 20 years. And must keep dreaming…

3:5 after penalties against Croatia! It’s 0-0 after 90 minutes and 1-1 after 120 minutes. Drama ensues.

► Vlasic scores. Rodrygo fails at Livakovic – 2:1.

► Mayer hits. Casemiro scores – 3-2

► Modric scores. Pedro too – 4:3

► Orsic hits Marquinho’s inside post – 5-3.

Brazil is crying! Neymar danced out – and then desperately on the ground. Injured before the semifinals in 2014, not really fit in 2018, now out in the quarterfinals.

For 12 minutes, Brazil looks set to go through without a penalty shoot-out as Neymar has a special moment and puts his side ahead with a samba slalom.

105 minutes: Neymar sprints towards the otherwise stable Croatian defence. One-two with Rodrygo, one-two with Paqueta. Then he dances past goalkeeper Livakovic and puts the ball in – 1:0.

With his 77th international goal, Neymar draws level with the seriously ill Pelé (82).

Is that enough against the Croatians, who until then are only concentrating on defending? At times they stand with all ten field players in their own penalty area. But they only need one chance to force the penalty shootout…

117 minutes: Orsic plays to Bruno Petkovic (28), who is lurking on the edge of the penalty area. Marquinhos deflects the shot a little. Alisson misses the ball – 1-1.

Important for fans of “Miss World Cup” She actually reads these messages

There is a penalty shootout. And Brazil is out. Croatia is further. Led by 37-year-old Modric, the vice world champion from 2018 keeps his nerve.

And Ivana Knöll (30) cheers too!

The most well-known World Cup fan amazes even the sheikhs at this tournament in their skimpy outfits. In the quarterfinals she presents herself in a skin-tight latex outfit.



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