World Cup 2022: That has never happened before! Who will comment on the final for ARD | Sports

World Cup 2022: That has never happened before!  Who will comment on the final for ARD |  Sports

YOU will be given a special honor.

Commentators premiere at the World Cup final in Qatar! For the first time in history, a woman will comment on the final of a men’s World Cup on public broadcasters on German radio.

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Julia Metzner (48) will sit at the microphone for ARD radio when Argentina and France with their superstars Kylian Mbappe (23) and Lionel Messi (35) on Sunday (4 p.m. in the BILD live ticker) fight for the World Cup.

The game will also be something special for them. Metzner in the “Kicker” interview: “For me, a World Cup final is like it is for the players on the pitch: a career highlight, a huge thing. Award and proof of trust.”

Their famous predecessors included the legendary Herbert Zimmermann (1954, 1958, 1966), Heribert Faßbender (1974, 1978) and Gerd Rubenbauer (1986).

Metzner already has final experience. Last year she commentated on the men’s European Championship final and in 2013 on the women’s final. In addition, many listeners know her voice from the famous Bundesliga conference. She came to NDR in 2007, and the Offenbach native has been working for SWR since 2017.

Metzner hopes the days will soon be over when there is something special about a woman commenting on a men’s final: “If it’s the last time we both talk to each other just because I’m a woman and I’m commenting on a final or anything , it should be fine with me. But it’s 2022 and we’re patting ourselves on the back that a woman is ready…” Finally, in 2006, Sonja Pahl, a woman, commented on the World Cup final on a private radio station.

And further: “I’m looking forward to it as a sports journalist, but it would be nice if I was soon interviewed as a specialist, regardless of gender. Because then we are all one step further and can all relax.”

Of course she can’t do that before the final: “I’m healthy and nervous. If not, it would be time to stop.”


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