World Cup 2022: Memphis Depay bans coach Louis van Gaal from kissing | Sports

The Netherlands is looking forward to the most important game of the year! On Friday (8 p.m.) Oranje will play Argentina with superstar Lionel Messi (35) for a place in the semi-finals of the World Cup in Qatar.

But there was absolutely no sign of tension or nervousness at the press conference the day before. On the contrary! Bonds coach Louis van Gaal (71) and striker Memphis Depay (28) are extremely relaxed in the question and answer session with the journalists and the coach has – as almost always – a casual saying on his lips.

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“Now look at our relationship. We kiss eachother. But not on the mouth. He does not like that. That’s fine with me,” van Gaal joked about Depay sitting next to him. The Barça attacker doesn’t want to exchange too much tenderness with his boss.

Kiss ban for Louis van Gaal!

He had previously been asked about his relationship with Depay. He plays a key role in the national team. In his year and a half at Manchester United (2015-2017), on the other hand, he played almost no role under van Gaal, mostly just sitting on the bench.

Now the relationship between coach and player seems to be good. Holland will be an outsider in the game against the South Americans, but Elftal won’t be without a chance. Also because van Gaal wants to land the big hit once again to say goodbye and continue to cause a sensation at the World Cup.

But is his departure from Elftal also synonymous with his departure from the really big football stage? Here, too, the ex-Bayern coach had a cheeky saying: “If a really interesting offer comes along, I could continue as a coach. I’m 71 years young and I still look good.”

Last week, van Gaal had hinted with a wink about a possible coaching job with the Begiens national team: “You would have to convince my wife Truus, then I would be there immediately. I think Belgium is a very beautiful country with friendly people.”

With his wife Truus (68), van Gaal caused a real laugh at the start of the World Cup.

The Holland coach to his wife: “You can come to our hotel. come to my room Just do a ‘Wippie’!” There was a lot of laughter about this scene on the internet. Because the “Wippie” in this case means a “Quickie”.

First a “quickie” offer, then a ban on kissing. It never gets boring with van Gaal…



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