World Cup 2022: Mbappé’s sentence that serves as a source of motivation for Argentines

World Cup 2022: Mbappé’s sentence that serves as a source of motivation for Argentines

Argentina have their eyes on Kylian Mbappé. The leader of the attack of the Blues is, obviously, the main danger for the defense of the Albiceleste. So to raise the sauce before the final this Sunday (4 p.m.), and to ensure the full support of all the fans, the Argentine supporters and media have brought up an old phrase from the PSG striker.

Shortly after his extension to PSG last May, “Kiks” gave an interview to TNT Sports in which he spoke of the level of South American football. “The advantage we have, the Europeans, is that we always play among ourselves and we have high level matches all the time, like in the League of Nations. When we arrive at the World Cup, we are ready, where Brazil and Argentina do not have this level, ”explained the 2018 world champion. The co-top scorer of the World Cup with Lionel Messi (5 goals) went a little further: “In South America, football is not as advanced as in Europe. That’s why the last World Cups, if you look, it’s always the Europeans who win. »

Without agreeing or disagreeing with this statement, Mbappé’s statements had caused a lot of reaction. “Unfair” words according to Lautaro Martinez, the Inter Milan striker present in the Albiceleste group at the World Cup. César Luis Menotti, world champion in 1978, went a little stronger: “Let him come to San Martin to play a match, he explained. We invaded Europe with our greatest treasures. Argentina have always had great players, more than Brazil. »

Even Lionel Messi was forced to react at the time to the microphone of TyC Sports, a well-known channel in Argentina. “I didn’t see how he said it, or what he said. We have often spoken about it with the Spaniards, they know how difficult it would be for them to qualify for the World Cup if they had to play in South America, ”defused his teammate at Paris Saint-Germain. Two days before the long-awaited final in Qatar, these words resurface. Surely the way for Argentine fans to try to forget Mbappé’s demonstration in 2018 against Albiceleste (4-3).


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