World Cup 2022: Live at Ronaldo humiliation – Georgina’s ice-cold grandstand appearance! | Sports

With this kick, the focus is more on the bench than on the pitch…

The Portugal game in the World Cup Round of 16 against Switzerland (here in BILD live ticker) causes a stir even before the kick-off. Coach Fernando Santos (68) simply puts superstar Cristiano Ronaldo (37) on the bench in the first knockout game.

So far, the freelance striker had not delivered in Qatar. One goal in three games, rather mediocre performances. Santos reacts, bringing Benfica talent Gonçalo Ramos (21) for him.

And is right with his decision! Ramos put the Portuguese ahead in the 17th minute and was also applauded by the substitutes at the corner flag. Including Ronaldo!

Dream goal, lob, triple pack The madness show from the Ronaldo replacement

So while CR7 was able to cope with the bank decision, his girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez (28) is frustrated in the stands.

Wearing a green jumper, she appeared in her spectator seat before kick-off at the Switzerland game with an ice-cold gaze. So it’s possible that she knew in advance about the demotion of her superstar boyfriend…



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